"The only way my violin will put you to sleep is if I whack you over the head with it." - James

Living a Life Full of Music

At the age of four, James Mahler began his musical journey with learning how to play the violin. As any great violinist, he started out playing classical music but has since branched out into many different styles including fiddling and EDM, and pop. Combining these genres, he has created a style that is almost completely unique to him; however many artists have influenced his sound over the year including: Zedd, Illenium, and great fiddlers like Alasdair Frasier. Since mastering the violin, James has gone on to pursue a variety of different instruments to broaden his skillset like piano, guitar, and cello to name just a few. At the very beginning of his career, he started busking in a small town near Dallas, Texas where people began to take notice of his skills. After doing countless weddings, parties, and festivals, James’ talent has been in high demand. He has self produced two albums so far and has created many remixes of his favorite artists. Whether it’s a massive festival or a small house party, James’ skills are perfect for the job of providing quality entertainment for any audience.


Alright that’s the official bio, now wanna hear the real story? Okay.


Life as a musician isn’t always easy but I freakin love it. Getting to wake up and do whatever I feel like during the day and having nobody tell me what to do is something that most people only ever dream of but I got lucky enough that I’m living in that reality. Special thanks goes out to a few people, number one my mother. Without her I never would have practiced on my own and definitely wouldn’t be doing music for a living. Number two is my brother David, even though he’s 6 years older than me we still hung out all the time when I was a kid and his crazy musical talented self definitely helped shape me to become a better musician. Fun fact, the first wedding I ever did was at the age of 8 and only because my brother got the gig. Oh and without David I never would have had the idea to go out and busking, he definitely tried that first although he didn’t have quite as much success as me. All this to say, I’m super grateful to my family and all the other people who have helped me get to where I am today, you know who you are 🙂