"Life is short so let's have some fun and make music." - James

A passion for Music, Creation, and Art.

It all started at the age of four, when James Mahler began violin lessons. Although it wasn’t his idea, he began to fall in love with his tiny instrument and would practice every day. As he progressed throughout the years, he began taking lessons from a professor at TCU at the age of eleven, and joined a string quartet under the same instructor’s tutelage. During this time James began exploring different instruments as well. At age twelve, piano lessons became another primary interest. This started him on his journey to becoming a songwriter and composer. With all these different skills, James had the idea to try busking (or “Street Performing”) in Southlake, Texas. Armed with his Mom’s amp, an electric violin he got for his tenth birthday, and a loop pedal it took three months to save up for, he rocked the streets of Southlake with a sound people hadn’t ever heard before.

Now, James is dedicated to creating and sharing his music with the world. He believes that the violin, being one of the most expressive instruments, should be used in all genres of music. As the electronic genres have been gaining popularity, James seeks to combine the violin with electronic sounds to create a unique sound that is both acoustic and synthetic. Be sure to visit James’ Soundcloud and Youtube channels often to hear all of his new creations!